Not there yet, but…


It’s going to be wild …

A man my age coming to Atlanta with less than $1000 and no sure-fire contacts. Yep, I hate to admit it, but I am a broke broke: I’m doing bad, badder than I’ve ever done before. But not that bad. I’ve got a job waiting for me and the pay is alright. Nothing to brag about, but if I work real hard I’ll be able to bring home about $500 a week. Never mind what I’ll be doing, but let’s just say, I should be doing a whole lot better in that department too.
Ah, hell, I might as well tell you; a man should never be ashamed of what he does for a living if it’s legal. I’ll be driving taxis. Yeah, Ricland the Cabbie…

But the real question is where will I stay once I get there. As some of you may know there’s a string of flea-bag motels in Atlanta that charge less than $200 a week. Probably we’re I’ll be bedding. Mind you, I’ve got a bunch of kin in the Queen City but damned if I’ll put up with their mess longer than a week or two.

So it’s going to be rough for awhile; least ways, until the first checks start coming in. Fact is, my only hope is that my ’96 Pontiac Grand Am gets me down there with no problems. Love the car, it’s a honey to look at, but it just turned in 100,000 and that’s no vehicle to be driving across the country with.




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